Originally posted 2013

Dear Helena,

Eventually once you happened to be an infant, Aunt Tina and I had been smooching all over you. After all, what’s a lot better than kissing a child – all of that sleek, perfect skin, those moves of excess fat, all that love that just oozes out-of all of them? Kisses and kisses and kisses. “We’re giving the lady extra kisses today so she will save all of them for times in her own life when she might possibly not have as much kisses,” Tina mentioned. Which was just right.

Now you tend to be almost 5 while rarely I want to kiss you like that anymore. But, everbody knows, I like to show every day your stunning – for a lot of alike cause. Helena, i really hope you check out this whenever you are 14, and 24, and 44 and 84. I wanted you to realize that you will be stunning. As you tend to be.

I became involved when with a person just who let me know that he wouldn’t discover me personally beautiful. Whenever we initial came across he said the way it bothered his ex-wife that inside many years they certainly were together, he never ever when informed her she had been beautiful. “She simply wasn’t in my experience,” the guy stated with a shrug. “Sure, she was sexy. Not gorgeous.”

Just how odd,

I was thinking.

How absolutely cruel


From then on I found myself acutely aware of his miserly use of that word. About one-hand, he tried it freely whenever describing past fans or starlets. Yet every supplement about my personal appearance from this guy became an insult. There have been an abundance of words of admiration, but every, “You’re quite today,” and, “You look summery where dress,” became nasty, digging reminders that I became perhaps not, without a doubt,


I see now that he was mistaken.

Helena, here’s what i want that understand:

Even today we carry a shame beside me for two situations pertaining to that section:

  1. We started initially to feel ugly. That has been my personal choice. Nobody allowed this take place but myself. But used to do.
  2. I remained.

Helena, into your life you are going to fulfill many men, and a few of them won’t discover you quite whatsoever. And perhaps you are not for them – which is totally great! Exactly who cares as long as they don’t like the way you look? Such things are but a question of taste. But let me make it clear anything – you’re so, so beautiful. It’s not your huge, inquisitive brown eyes, those incredible eyes presented with spectacular brows and difficult lashes. You aren’t gorgeous due to your dashing laugh, the poreless olive epidermis or that stylish, strange triangle of tiny charm marks that spot the face.

No, you will be breathtaking because of that thing – that perfect thing inside you. Its that same task that is within sibling, as well as in snowflakes, once you and your friends laugh about play ground, or after day is actually peaceful for a moment and in addition we see the green and blue clouds above the city. Its inside of me, too. Plus its anything bigger than me and you. Jesus? Prefer? The Universe? All those circumstances – also things. Items that do not have terms.

As soon as some guy claims that, no, sorry, you are fantastic and all of, but you commonly beautiful, you should know with nothing at all related to you. Not merely one thing. It’s got something you should perform thereupon man because he cannot see. And since you may be breathtaking you will end up type to him – because throughout your own beauty you will have that kindness and like to share.

And after that you goes.

And you will discover somebody else, or else you will end up being by yourself. But regardless of what, i really hope you know always – effectively and unconsciously – you are breathtaking, breathtaking, breathtaking, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, stunning, stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, stunning, beautiful, beautiful, stunning, stunning, beautiful, stunning, stunning.

All my stunning really love and a lot more,


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